It is not even 9:00 in the morning, and it is already sweltering hot. You walk past Main Street Bakery and the wonderful aromas of freshly baked pasties and coffee hit you, and you don’t even care about the bead of sweat slowly making its was down your temple. Or it is 9:45 at night. Your feet are tired, you know you will have a line to wait in once you exit the park, but you can’t help dancing to the music as you leave. That is the wonder of the most magical place on earth!

My husband and I recently went to Disney World along with his mother, sister, and her family (which includes three children over 16). We spent six full days in the parks exploring the wonders they offer. This was my first time to the Disney parks in Florida. I had only ever been to Disneyland in California since I grew up in the southwest. My husband’s family are pretty much experts on Disney World, so we decided to tag along so I could have the full experience.

We have two days in Magic Kingdom, two days in Epcot (including a super fun after hours event), one day in Hollywood Studios, and one day in Animal Kingdom. Below are some of my favorite images from our trip:

Resort: Port Orleans - Riverside

Princess and the Frog, Princess Tiana, Port Orleans
Port Orleans Riverside, Resort, Rooms
Port Orleans, Walt Disney World Resort, resort grounds
Riverside, Food Court, Steam wheel, Boatwright

We were fortunate enough to be able to stay at a Disney property resort while we were there: Port Orleans – Riverside. This New Orleans themed hotel was so cute with the Princess and the Frog theme room including a bathroom curtain featuring Tiana and Naveen as frogs. 

Animal Kingdom

Animals, Zebra, animal kingdom, safari
Animal Kingdom, Tree of Life,
Expedition Everest, Roller Coaster, Animal Kingdom Thrill ride
Flamingos, Animal Kingdom
Disney's 100 years, 100 years, Animal Kingdom, entrance

Hollywood Studios

Galaxy's Edge, Star Wars, Hollywood Studios, millennium falcon, Smuggler's Run
Tower of Terror, Hollywood Studios, Sunset Bouvard
Lightsaber, star wars, Savi's workshop, experience
Lightsaber hilt, build your own lightsaber, Star Wars
millennium falcon, lightsaber, night photography,

One of the more special opportunities we had was for my husband and nephews to build lightsaber in Galaxy’s Edge. It was such an amazing experience, even though I was just a spectator. Here are some pictures of them building them as well as some of them on the wet park paths afterwards. 


Spaceship Earth, Epcot ball,
Epcot ball, Palm trees
World Showcase, Morocco, Epcot
Remy, Ratatouille adventure, trackless ride
firework, nighttime show
World Showcase, Japan, Epcot
Spaceship Earth, Space ship earth, epcot ball, lagoon
Firework, Epcot forever, night time
France, World Showcase, pavilion
night time ball, nighttime ball,
across lagoon, nighttime display

Magic Kingdom

Happily Ever After, Fire works
Cinderella castle, cinderellas castle, Cinderella's Castle, fantasy land
Mickey balloon, balloons, magic kingdom
Rapunzel, Tangled, Bathroom,
horse and carriage, castle, magic kingdom
Walt and Mickey, Statue, castle, mickey mouse, walt disney
Roy Disney, Minnie Mouse, minnie, statue, main street USA
Main Street USA, City Hall,
Fantasyland, Gaston, LeFou, Gaston's Tavern, Beauty and the Beast,
The Little Mermaid, Under the Sea, Fantasyland, attraction, ride
Magic Kingdom, Carrousel, Prince Charming,

I know people have strong opinions about this, but Magic Kingdom is my favorite of the four parks. I love the other ones as well, but Magic Kingdom is the most “Disney” of the parks. It has the classic rides such as The Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, and Pirates of the Caribbean, plus Cinderella Castle. It was amazing to see this impressive castle since I was used to the shorter one in Disneyland. 

That is all for now! Until next time