There many reasons I love being a photographer. One reason is it allows me to be creative. I am not great at drawing or painting anything other than a wall. However, with a camera in my hand, I feel like so many things are possible. I love examining a scene and deciding the best way to capture its beauty. I do this even when I don’t have my camera with me (which is not very often these days). I enjoy taking a mundane event or activity and trying to make it interesting. 

Architecture, design, interesting
dog, water, playing
Halloween, jack-o-lantern, pumpkin, spooky
winter, snow, storm, tree, cold
park, bench, fall, yellow, autumn
spring, purple, flowers, grape hyacinth
FDR, Roosevelt, Hyde Park, New York, Presidential Library
Christmas, Santa, Lights
Log cabin, Danville, Kentucky, historical
flowers, butterfly, Danville, Kentucky, KY

Not only does photography allow me to be creative, but it also allows me to capture important memories. I have worked with individuals and families to capture memories in the form of portraits and sessions. But it also allows me to capture my own memories. I love taking pictures of vacation, holidays, birthdays, major events, or just your average day.  

Graduation, surprise, gifts
soccer, kids, children, action
Fall, Ashland, trees, yellow, autumn
Bourbon, Wilderness Trail, Danville, Kentucky, KY, Bourbon Trail
First Birthday, Birthday, child, celebration
it's a boy, baby shower, blue, event
baby boy, shower, blue
prom, golden hour, seniors, dress, formal
baby shower, gifts, events, surprise,
Birthday, gifts, boys, celebration
graduation, cap and gown, senior year, stage, walking
stain glass, boldt castle, Upstate New York, architecture